Friday, January 6, 2012

Week of January 2, 2011

I was definitely not ready to come back but so far in the new year I have been a more organized teacher.  I did a blog whenever I taught computer applications at a different school, and I thought to share ideas from Pinterest with some of my co-teachers and friends from other schools I would start blogging again. 

Most of the activities I do with my students are 100% free. Unless I have to buy a little bit of extra materials for other projects here and there.
Someday I would love to have some of the programs that I see other teachers have that they can make cute worksheets to go with any unit they have.  I think that this is awesome and I would love to have the resources and opportunity to do that someday.  This is my first year teaching second grade and since I am the only second grade teacher here I find these blogs with extra resources very valuable! 

My template for my blog was 100% free and I got it here they have tons of blog templates and backgrounds as well as other freebies.  I love the free desktop calendars they have they are always very cute!

As far as this weeks activities went I decided for a writing activity I would have the kids write resolutions for the new year.  We discussed what a resolution was and began to ask them what some of their goals were.  After that I discussed with them what some goals might be for 2012.  I had everything from opening the door for old people to eating less donuts.  All in all they were very entertaining.  I found this idea on Pinterest and it was from this blog.

Another Activity that we did was comparing and contrasting this week.  We've done comparisons with Venn Diagrams before but I saw this idea on this blog I LOVE THIS BLOG her ideas and things she creates are awesome!   My lovely co-worker and third grade teacher at this school was nice enough to let me use her picture and I had the kids do comparisons of us!  The electricity went out this day at school so I unfortunately couldn't borrow my first grade friends ELMO to demonstrate so I turned it into a I listening activity.  Some were awesome and others well... lets just say we need to work on following directions a little bit :)

This is the one I did as a demo so you get the idea:

Despite the power outage and the exhaustion I am experiencing I would say our first week back was an overall success!   Happy Friday!


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