Thursday, August 8, 2013

Freebie and a little late Currenly...

I don't know about ya'll but in Texas we provide each child with a free breakfast every morning. The child gets to choose their drink choice of chocolate, white, or juice. For some reason somewhere along the way the state decided that water had no nutritional value...I don't get it I was one of those kids that would rather have water! I used something for my promethean board for kids to slide their graphic to their choice but I started having my students copy in their planner in the mornings so we didn't have enough time to get this accomplished. I decided to create something similar to my transportation signs that I had last year. All you have to do is print off glue to some cardstock, laminate, and glue some ribbon. Let the student move to their choice of breakfast. You can grab it by clicking the picture below
It's my last week of the summer!  I only have 2 days free next week and on one I'm having a date with a former student :) I'm super excited about that!  Last 3 days are work days! I am very anxious about getting my class list too!  I swear it's like waiting for Christmas!! and I guess better late than never....Currently
I will definitely post pictures of my classroom later...I've gone back to my Monsters! So excited!!