Sunday, February 26, 2012

A very exciting week!

I have been so excited this week because I have actually gained followers!  All of my stalking visiting other blogs is beginning to pay off.  I love being able to share ideas with other teachers that are out there and hopefully I will continue to gain some more followers :)

I have my big evaluation this week (Wednesday) I'm actually very nervous but surely everything will be okay!  I'm doing it in Math this year (I taught Elementary and JH Science last year) so I am kind of out of my element but hopefully everything will run smoothly and the kids will hopefully be there normal sweet selves. 

One thing I found in preparation for my evaluation is an interactive geoboard that I will be using. The link is here it appears to be very cool and I know my Mon-"stars" are going to LOVE it!  They love to brag about how smart they are at using a Promethean Board.  They call themselves Promethean experts, and can't wait to show future teachers everything they know! :)

Last week was a very exciting week because I also have discovered a free program that my students love to help them with their facts.  XtraMath is a free program that assesses and allows students to practice addition and subtraction facts based on their grade levels.  My kids love it and it appears to be more on their level than Sum Dog. 

We have been talking about Pronouns and I found this activity on Pinterest which linked back to this blog  I love there stuff!  I found an idea for a "Pocketful of Pronouns" activity.  I created my own pocket for this activity and put it in my TPT Store for free!  Below are some of the pockets:

On the outside flap they wrote the pronoun, and on the inside they wrote a sentence using a pronoun.  We are still struggling with the use of me.  My kids love craftivities and I think I'm going to be making shape monsters with them sometime this week! 

We also did Oreo phases of the moon which I'm sure everyone has done/seen on pinterest so I really didn't get any photos of that!  I've been seeing lots of neat ideas for classrooms and utilizing space I can't wait to tackle mine this summer it is a mess! 

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Monday, February 20, 2012

It was definitely a Monday

This weekend was too short for me I am wiped out today!  We did a contraction caterpillar activity with contractions that I originally saw here.  Mine were way too big so in the future I think I will use smaller circles.  The kids had fun making them this was one of my favorites she even cut out little attenae for her head! 

Since today was President's day we did an activity about why people should choose us to be president.  I saw this activity on Pinterest.  I used my polka dot background and people from my Valentine unit I purchased from this blog.  They all turned out very cute!  They were also all blonde due to a shortage of brown construction paper in my classroom. Ha ha!  The kids love making people they call them their children or their twins it is too cute!!

I should have another activity on Friday to post later.  I'm also not happy with my hanging situation in my hallway does anyone have any suggestions?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Busy Little Bees

I don't know about ya'll but I've had a lot going on lately!  Mini cheer camp is this week as well as basketball games I am in for some late nights.  I haven't really had time to blog about last weeks activities but there were an abundance of them (hopefully it will make up for the lack of activities this week)

Last week we finished up talking about the water cycle I found this AMAZING foldable on Pinterest which linked me to this blog I watered it down for my Mon-"stars."  They loved making these along with the little water cycle song :)  Here are some of my favorites:

Each flap comes together to make a circle of arrows of the water cycle with the words on the outside.  On the inside flap is what is happening in each stage.  In the middle is a drawing of it going on!  They loved these :)

Concluding on my water cycle unit I found this fun activity on Pinterest too!  We made it "rain"  it went perfectly with the water cycle unit and the kids love anything with shaving cream in it I have discovered. 

The activity on pinterest called for blue food coloring but I thought the kids would have fun making it rain different colors and I was right.  My only suggestion for this activity would be to not make a thick layer of shaving cream. It seemed to be slow at first but once I thinned it out it started "raining" a little heavier.

Last week was also Groundhog Day!  I was really excited because I made my first semi-packet and yes it was free but I had over 800 downloads!  I was thrilled.  I want to make most of everything free because I know I love cute/free things! 

My packet didn't work well (only because it decided to be cloudy most of the day so we couldn't measure shadows)  We did however make these cute little ground hogs that I found from this lovely blog.  The kids love making things over coloring things and I love that they love craftivities!  It makes me feel more creative too!

We also had a little fun while making these ground hogs:
Last but certainly not least I have a confession.  I, Ms. Harris, paid for an activity.  I couldn't help it, it was just cute to pass up as most of her items are.  I am absolutely in love with how these turned out!  You can grab them in her TPT store under Valentine Friends check out her blog here

Here is mine (I couldn't resist making one and the kiddos need an example right!?)

Some of the others:

One of my boys:

My kids are very excited about multiplication this week and division next week it makes them feel big!  I love to see them brag and tell people they are learning multiplication!  One of my students even did gate duty last night and counted money!  They are growing up and learning so much makes me sad that it's almost time to ship them off to third grade! 

Have a fabulous week!