Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fireflies in a Jar

I blogged awhile ago about these animated fireflies I found in a mason jar that I was going to use in my classroom.  I think that these are way cool!

This is what they look like from far away:

Close up and all you have to do to get it to light up is to tap the lid.

A little video to show you what it looks like....I LOVE IT!

I've only got 2 of these but I plan on going back and getting a few more!  I think they will be the perfect addition to my firefly themed classroom. 

I got these at Big Lots and they even have butterflies that do the same thing.  I'm in love with these!

My grandmother is coming for a few days to visit and I am sooo EXCITED!  She's going to make my curtains for my classroom so I will have more decorations to post soon!  Just waiting on some custom clip art to get finished up so I can finish a few key things. 

I hope everyone has a happy Wednesday!


  1. I have given you an award!! Happy Friday! Come to my blog to get it!!


  2. How cute is that? I love it. I remember fireflies when I was young. It doesn't seem like we see as many these days as in the past. Enjoy your visit with your grandma. I also need to work on my curtains. I just need to hem them and I have been dreading it for days! I have also left you an award. I left you the Versatile Blogger Award as a thank you for all of the wonderful ideas that you share on your fantastic blog. Please visit to accept your award.