Sunday, April 22, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Well my computer won't let me upload my cute little picture to announce my winners, but the winners are Amy from the Resource(ful) room, and Steph. 

Congratulations ladies and check your e-mail to receive your prize!

I'm excited this week because I finally get to use the Synonym Roll activity I found on Pinterest and pinned so long ago and have been anxiously awaiting being able to use it!

I'm very excited that Cara Carroll beat me to it and gave me the idea for the chef hats! 

I had a very sad weekend my show heifer from High School lost twins this weekend.  Seems kind of silly but to see her mooing and looking for them it was just really heartbreaking.

Congratulations to my winners and all of the participators.  Thank you to all of my followers and I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

50 Fabulous Followers Giveaway!

I am hosting a fabulous 50 Followers Giveaway

2 Lucky Winners will win a $10 TPT Gift Certificate

To Enter All you have to do is
1.  Follow my blog and comment with your e-mail saying that you are a follower and one thing you will buy with the gift certificate. (1 Entry)
2.  Blog about my giveaway and you may comment with your E-mail 2 times (2 Entries)

That's all you have to do!  The giveaway Ends Saturday April 21st at Midnight!!

Good Luck and Thanks for helping me reach 50 Fabulous Followers!

Monday, April 16, 2012


I am at 49 Fabulous Followers!  All I need is one more and we will have a giveaway!  I am so excited that most of you found my blog when I was blogging about my "furry friend"  I loved all the sweet comments about Bernice, they made my day!  I think it was my most commented on post which is crazy!

So I've been editing this the past week and I think it's finally ready!  It's our end of the year memory book.  I did it in Stars mainly because my class are the "Mon-Stars" I can't wait to use these, and it turned out really cute!  You can check it out at my TPT store. It includes color and black & white.

Also in my TPT store you can grab this Free Icecream Sundae Drawing.  I am using it to earn a Sundae Party for Math Facts.
Oh my goodness I am stressing!  I tried to candle my eggs this morning....I'm pretty sure there is nothing in there!  Please tell me I am candling just a little too early and next week I can magically see some kind of life in them!  I may be running to Tractor Suppy to buy some chicks the 29th.  I am not looking forward to this.  All I want for my birthday is some form of life to pop up in those eggs! 

For my birthday (Thursday) I am doing 26 random acts of kindness with my class.  We are bagging up our trash picking it up outside, and making cards for administration/custodians I am loving their giving hearts!  We are even doing a clothing drive (I may have bitten off more than I can chew! ) Like I said I am loving how much they want to give back. 

Despite all of this happiness CURSIVE is going to be the death of me.  I am left-handed so at night I freak out about me teaching them the "right" way.  I know my lefties are surely getting what they need but I still worry about my righties.  Any helpful tips???

Sorry for the randomness/rambling of this post Happy Monday!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Furry Friend Linky :)

I'm linking up with Sandy @ Soaring Through Second for what is probably one of my most favorite linkies ever!  So excited because I get to blog about my very best pal and companion Bernice!

My parents gave me Bernice as a birthday present on April 12 two years ago.  (my birthday is April 19) It was the best surprise ever!  I named her after my favorite Miranda Lambert song White Liar!  My life has never been the same.  I moved that year to a very small town (where I teach) by myself and you wouldn't believe how much company this little dog has given me.  I take her everywhere with me (which probably explains her separation anxiety issues).  Bernice has probably taught me that companionship doesn't always just come in two legs it can come in 4.  I never believed that this animal would become so important to me.  She is more like my dogchild than a pet.  I probably post as many pictures of her as people do of their children!  Thanks Sandy for having this Linky!

My favorite pics of her involve her lips getting caught on her teeth.

Friday, April 13, 2012

12 on 12

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to participate in 12 on 12 :)

Here are my 12 random photos from yesterday :)

1.  Our new cheer jackets came in I think they are adorable.  This is my favorite part of being a cheer coach all of the packages it's like Christmas!

2.  A Muppet DVD one of my kiddos brought me to watch...I'm very excited I hope it's good!

3.  Cursive F's are going to be the death of me

4.  We groomed each other like chimps ha ha

5.  I had a nutritious dinner last night...I was going to make pizza rolls and had already had the can opened and ready when I realized I didn't have pepperoni :(

6.  My cheer t-shirt came in yesterday :)

7.  My strawberry plant has a new bloom on it!  This makes me very happy!

8.  Yesterday was mine and Bernice's 2 year anniversary ha ha

9.  One of my kids seriously asked me if this Uncle Sam was a clown....

10.  Don't ever fall slightly behind :|

11.  Final Proofing my Memory Book Packet!

12.  I love when I get to wear jeans and tennis shoes :)

Happy Friday the 13th I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quick One

I stumbled across these on my computer and I've put them in my TPT store.  The first person to comment with an e-mail and be a follower will get this!  It contains an I need a certain supply letter, a computer pass, homework pass, and an I was caught being good letter!  I hope you enjoy!


Monday, April 9, 2012

I've been tagged and survival books

I've been tagged...I've never been tagged before so I'm not quite sure about this :)

I've also finished my 1-3 Survival Books Click the picture to go check it out!

Marie at The Hands On Teacher has tagged me and I will answer her questions and then be sure to tag and pass along mine :)

Here Are The Rules:
* Post these rules
* Answer the 10 questions that the tagger posted for you
* Create 10 questions of your own to ask the people that you're about to tag
* Tag people and link them with your post (and let them know they've been tagged!)

1. What is the one item in your classroom that you could not live without?
Laughter...If we don't laugh in my classroom I know we aren't doing something right :)
2. What is the last "teacher book" you purchased?
Probably some sort of Technology book by Tammy Worcester :) LOVE HER!
3. How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging on this blog for probably 2 months...I've blogged before for 3 or 4 months (when I taught a different position)  I didn't blog at all last year and somehow felt the need to begin again.
4. What is the best teaching advice you have ever received?
Go with one will ever be able to tell if it's not "in the plan" if you don't let on.
5. Do you have any big summer plans?
I'm going to our timeshare in Hot Springs in July
6. What do you give your students at the beginning of the year? Do you give them a goodie bag? What's in it?
A goodie bag with a cute little poem that describes what the piece of candy means :)
7. Do you have plants in your classroom?
No but I have a Turtle and some fish :)
8. Do you remember who YOUR favorite teacher was? Why were they so memorable?
Yes I do I'm still very close to her family. She taught me the importance of manners and that it's okay to just be me.

9. What is your go-to lunch that you pack for yourself?
I live close enough to school that I can eat at home :) I normally eat a peanut butter sandwich or peanut butter and crackers
10. What is the hardest part of your job?
Facebook and seeing some of the things that are on there. 
I'm tagging 5 fabulous bloggers
Brittany @ Sweet Seconds

Now that you've been tagged answer these questions:

1.  What grade levels/subject areas have you taught
2.  What is one thing you always have in your "teaching bag"
3.  What is the funniest thing a kid has shared with you this year
4. What is one thing you are already planning for next year
5.  What has been the best moment this school year
6.  What are your Summer Plans
7.  What is the best workshop/conference you have been to?
8.  What is your top goto website for free Lesson ideas
9.  What is one thing non-educational you hope kids leave your classroom with
10.  What is your best time-management tip

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I've been absent & Currently :)

I have been MIA lately and it's because well I've been MIA at school too!  The storms last week knocked out our power on Tuesday so we only went to school until 10 AM between doctor visits and parties I only went to school basically 2 days last week.  I missed my kids but the time away with my family was nice.  I definitely enjoyed a longer weekend of fishing with my grandparents!  

I linked up with Farley at Oh boy 4th Grade and I feel a little behind!  You should link up too!  I look forward to doing these every month!


Have I mentioned that here lately I've been really excited about how I have been doing things in my classroom?  It's not the feedback from fellow teachers, or the parents.  It is actually the cute little firsties that will be in my class next year!  They have been stopping to tell me how they can't wait to have me for a teacher!  It makes me feel like I am doing something right!  It's amazing how they can make me smile.  I am going to miss my current second graders.  They have told me that they aren't going to third grade without me so that makes me feel good as well. 

I'm super excited because this week I am starting my incubation of chicken eggs!  I love doing this!  I did it with my computer class one year but I am really excited about doing it now with my Mon-"stars" I'm uploading a sheet to my TPT store to be used with it.  They can color the eggs what they look like on whatever day of incubation you choose to discuss.  They can describe what they see/what is going on!  I'll definitely keep y'all updated on the progress!

I am so close to 50 Followers!  Once I reach 50 I will for sure be having a giveaway of some sort!  Help me get there!  I hope everyone has a blessed week and I promise I will have a more productive week next week :)