Sunday, April 8, 2012

I've been absent & Currently :)

I have been MIA lately and it's because well I've been MIA at school too!  The storms last week knocked out our power on Tuesday so we only went to school until 10 AM between doctor visits and parties I only went to school basically 2 days last week.  I missed my kids but the time away with my family was nice.  I definitely enjoyed a longer weekend of fishing with my grandparents!  

I linked up with Farley at Oh boy 4th Grade and I feel a little behind!  You should link up too!  I look forward to doing these every month!


Have I mentioned that here lately I've been really excited about how I have been doing things in my classroom?  It's not the feedback from fellow teachers, or the parents.  It is actually the cute little firsties that will be in my class next year!  They have been stopping to tell me how they can't wait to have me for a teacher!  It makes me feel like I am doing something right!  It's amazing how they can make me smile.  I am going to miss my current second graders.  They have told me that they aren't going to third grade without me so that makes me feel good as well. 

I'm super excited because this week I am starting my incubation of chicken eggs!  I love doing this!  I did it with my computer class one year but I am really excited about doing it now with my Mon-"stars" I'm uploading a sheet to my TPT store to be used with it.  They can color the eggs what they look like on whatever day of incubation you choose to discuss.  They can describe what they see/what is going on!  I'll definitely keep y'all updated on the progress!

I am so close to 50 Followers!  Once I reach 50 I will for sure be having a giveaway of some sort!  Help me get there!  I hope everyone has a blessed week and I promise I will have a more productive week next week :)


  1. I used to hatch eggs when I taught 2nd grade and it was so fun! This year one of my students brought in baby chicks for our class to see. We also used to keep mealworms until they transformed into beetles....SO FUN, but sometimes it is also a life lesson :( Not all hatch all the time...right? Has to be the toughest part!

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