Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tell me More....

I'm linking up with Amy at Step into Second Grade for a Tell me More Linky!

1.  I've never really liked my hair color until recently.  I've alway been envious of brunettes and blondes because they could dye their hair.  I've debating on coloring mine brown.  However I think I would look too funny with brown eyebrows :\

2.  I moved to the town where I teach when I was in 2nd grade.  Little did I know all these years later I would be moving back and starting exactly where I started 19 years ago.  I actually work with people who taught me/saw me grow up. :)

3.  I attended Texas A&M University-Commerce I LOVED MY SCHOOL!  I had a wonderful college experience!

4.  I am a Gamma Phi Beta Alumna.  Yes I did the whole sorority thing in college but it was quite possibly the greatest thing that could have happened at that time in my life.

5.  I am actually an Agricultural Sciences and Technology Major.  I was very involved in FFA in High School my family still raise Angus cattle, from the original ones I started with.

6.  I am a reality tv show junkie!  The only one I'm really not into anymore is the Bachelor/Bachelorette.  I quit watching around Julian's season. 

7.  I was a cheerleader all during school which led to me becoming a cheerleading sponsor at my previous school.  I will miss each of those girls everyday!  I took them from thigh-stands to basket tosses.  It was an experience I will never forget. 

8.  I am left handed but I don't feel like I am artsy.  Once people realize I'm left handed that is the first question they ask. 

9.  I love animals.  If I ever win the lottery I plan to open a no kill animal shelter.  I know it sounds good in theory but it will be a lot of hard work. 

10.  Somedays I miss teaching JH and then some days I'm thankful for the innocence of my 2nd graders!

I know there aren't any pictures :(  most of my pictures are on another computer.  I hope you enjoyed a little bit of the randomness that is ME!


  1. It was great getting to know more about you!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. That is cool that you are now working with people who watched you grow up! :) I have an award for you on my blog!

    Second Grade is Sweet!