Monday, February 20, 2012

It was definitely a Monday

This weekend was too short for me I am wiped out today!  We did a contraction caterpillar activity with contractions that I originally saw here.  Mine were way too big so in the future I think I will use smaller circles.  The kids had fun making them this was one of my favorites she even cut out little attenae for her head! 

Since today was President's day we did an activity about why people should choose us to be president.  I saw this activity on Pinterest.  I used my polka dot background and people from my Valentine unit I purchased from this blog.  They all turned out very cute!  They were also all blonde due to a shortage of brown construction paper in my classroom. Ha ha!  The kids love making people they call them their children or their twins it is too cute!!

I should have another activity on Friday to post later.  I'm also not happy with my hanging situation in my hallway does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. Thanks for entering my giveaway.

    What if you made a faux bulletin board? Perhaps not with the corrugated background but with a cute border...treat the wall as if the space inside the border is your bulletin board.


  2. Cute idea! I don't know why I didn't think of that! Thanks!

  3. Hi! I am your newest follower and a Texas teacher too! Where in Texas do you teach?

    I would love for you to come visit me when you get the chance!

    I love your contraction caterpillars! =)

    Heather's Heart

  4. How exciting I love your stuff too it all looks super cute! I am sort of new to the whole elementary thing so I am starting kind of small! I teach in Forestburg Texas.

  5. HI! I am your newest follower. Come check out my blog when you have a chance.


  6. I LOVE those contraction caterpillars. Contractions are so hard to teach because there is really nothing you can build them off of! If you are still working on it, I have a really cute contraction packet for free on TPT :)

    I am your newest follower! I would love for you t stop by my blog too!