Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A little Early this week

I was just too excited about how this turned out to wait until Friday to post.  I found this on Pinterest and it was pinned from this blog I have been in love with this for awhile and I couldn't wait to actually get a chance to do it.  Here is my new and improved clock!

I think it is adorable and the kids really seem to love it too! They are very excited about our lessons on time this week and when they are excited about something that makes me twice as motivated!

When we were discussing addition and subtraction at the beginning of the year I made the kids these "cheat sheets" as they love to call them. These little helpers tell them when they should add and when they should subtract.  I had been looking for a way to make them bigger and due to limited wall & board space in my classroom I couldn't think of anything (when it was actually staring me right in the face) I found these Keywords of Addition and Subtraction from here, and the idea for the poster (which was already like the cheat sheet I made and you can find them here

Here is my version of the posters:

They aren't very clear but I believe you get the general idea.

I also wanted to take a second to talk about my behavior management system.  Someone had pinned this site on Pinterest and I thought I would give it a try.  It is called Class Dojo it is where you award your students points for positive behavior but it also gives you the opportunity to take away points as well.  I use the points for the students to earn certain rewards that I have pictured below.  I make sure to announce to the whole class when a student earns a reward and we clap and cheer for that student which I love seeing the support they give each other.  I also do a Positive "write up" whenever I see a kid go the extra mile just to do something nice.  That is when in addition to the rewards they have the choice to eat lunch with me or our principal.  We go and buy them what they want for lunch and sit and eat with them it  makes the kids feel extra special which I love!

I believe the kids are most excited about no shoes in the classroom which blows my mind!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday and continues to have a fabulous week!


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