Thursday, May 10, 2012

I promise I haven't forgotten you :)

Hey everyone I feel like I have been so out of the loop.  My blog on my school laptop will not load and keeps saying error on the page and when I try to identify the error it seems as though the error doesn't exist.  Hopefully I can get that fixed soon!  I have tons of pictures from this time so I am just going to put them in a slideshow at the bottom of this post.  I also had a sale in my store during the big sale but I was unable to post and link up which makes me sad I love a good linky!

A lot has been going on lately in my classroom I have done my Synonym Chefs which I have pictures of below I used Cara Carrolls idea of the chef hats and her neat worksheets she made!  I'm thinking next year to make it a bit cuter and a little more interesting I'm going to sprinkle cinnamon on them and use elmers glue for frosting.  I hope it turns out as cute as I want.

We did our egg hatching project!  We didn't have many hatch but the eggs were older and not as fresh when I incubated.  We had 3 out of 13 hatch with 2 surviving. I helped the last one hatch he had been in there 2 days by the time I helped him and it was either hatch him or let him die.  I thought his odds would be better outside of the egg.  We had a class discussion about if we should or shouldn't help the chick hatch. We also had to have the hard talk about the chick dying which I hated.   On a positive note we named the 2 survivors Nugget and Drumstick who are now at my parents house living the perfect chicky life I'm sure!  Next year I want to do different eggs change it up every year to kind of keep it interesting! 

We've also worked on making 3 dimensional shapes and each of them made one with a partner!  They were so proud of them! 

We've also been listening to Chocolate Fever and have been working on Amy Lemon's Chocolate Fever Unit the kids are loving it so you will find some pictures of that as well.  My favorite was the Watermelon Fever it was very creative! :)

What I didn't get a picture of was our Froggy and Frogalinas the Mon-"stars" made.  I don't know about your kids but mine LOVE Froggy he is quite possibly our favorite book.  They enjoyed making the Froggys and completing the Froggy Superpack from Jennifer at FirstGradeBlueSkies.  I just tweaked it and let them make Frogalinas too!

I thought I would take this time to share my behavior system in my classroom as a whole.  We do a compliment system.  I think this might be a little easier to accomplish in a larger school because there are more things to do and more chances to receive a compliment.  My kids LOVE it.  I went and cut paper stars out.  I give them a goal of a certain number of stars, at the beginning of the year I started with 10 but like I said in a small school setting when they don't really attend many different things this was hard.  I set the goal to 5.  When they reach their goal they get some kind of party.  I increase the goal  everytime so the next time they have to receive six and so on.  I have some pictures of our most recent compliment party.  Oh my goodness they loved it!  I think it has been their favorite so far, and all we did was go outside and eat our lunch on the playground and throw in a little bit of extra recess! 

I'm also doing an AR point contest in my class to increase their reading and it has worked out so well!  The reward for the winning team is getting to have a popsicle at recess!  The competition is getting fierce in the classroom and I love it!  The top reader from the other team also gets to have a popsicle as well. Who knew a little popsicle could make kids want to read!? 

We are going on our field trip next week to the Dallas World Aquarium.  I don't know who is more excited the kids or me!  Hopefully I'm going to get a chance to work on some field trip packets.  Sorry for this long post I promise I haven't forgotten all of you I just don't have internet at my house and I finally had time to see if this works on the student computers and it does!  I hope all of you are doing well and surviving your end of the year!


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