Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Missing in Action

So it's been awhile since I have blogged.  I think I just got burnt out and let down somewhat.  I don't want to go into details but lets just say I lost my faith in some people out there who I thought a lot of. 

I have officially survived my first six weeks in a new school and I've lived back at home with my parents for a few months now as well.  I'm still adjusting to everything and for some reason at the beginning of the year I always forget that they are still basically first graders.  I've been back for a few visits to my old school and I won't be going back again.  It broke my heart to talk to some of my kids and I can't go back so I can't look back anymore. 

Some nice things about being halfway back in civilization is I can now enjoy what I have missed out on for 2 years!  A SONIC DRINK.  You never realize how much you miss things until they are gone so cherish the opportunity to have one of those drinks.  Some afternoons they are the glue that holds me together. 

I've made quite a few things in my classroom but I don't think I will bore you with that right now.  I went to a workshop this summer.  I was introduced to books that help kids with grammar at this workshop.  I was introduced to the book What dogs do and What Dogs do Too?

My books is a combined edition of the two and has a Boston Terrier on the cover (go figure!)

This book is one word action verbs followed by a picture of the dog.  So I then got the brilliant idea to make my own video of basically the same thing only involving my students.  Clip Art Came from KPM Doodles, The Pond, The 3am Teacher and Dream Like Magic.  I also published it into a photo book from shutterfly.  The kids are so excited about it being an actual video more so than the video.  They told me they did all the work and I didn't really do anything HA!

I had never used Microsoft Movie Maker and let me tell you it is so easy!  It is like using power point!  I can do these fairly quick and hopefully I can do some more in the future!  So check out our video What Ms. Harris's class does.

I hope everyone is enjoying their school year and hopefully beginning to find their groove :)


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  1. It's been a bit tough for me as a blogger lately. There are just not as many followers or comments, and I think it's just the craze of the beginning of the year. I'm glad you are back, though!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad