Thursday, November 1, 2012

Election week ideas

So I read the following 2 books to my class this week while talking about the elections

Duck for president was great for an unrealistic presidential story mainly for fun.  Grace did a great job of talking about the whole election process.  My kids really enjoyed both books. 
We are going to have an election between Grace and Duck.  I have made voter registration cards and ballots I also created posters like this with my kids names on them instead of mine and their faces in them.  I have hung these on my bulletin board.  I plan on decorating my classroom this weekend with red white and blue anything to try to get the kids pumped up about voting!
My kids LOVED these Click the picture to head to the website.  They loved seeing their faces on Uncle Sam.  I plan on letting my Reading group make more campaign posters for my classroom and hallway.  I had this vision this summer I'm just trying to run with it!  I'm sure I will come up with several ideas over the weekend.  How are you teaching the election to your K-2 kids?



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