Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June...where did you go? and a FREEBIE

The month of June has disappeared way too quickly!  I have no idea where it went. I received school board approval last Thursday so I am officially employed by my newish school :)  I've been trying to work in my new classroom.  I am not a very good organizer and I have lots of what Farley calls *squirrel* moments and I leave in the middle of something to start something totally new and that has nothing to do with what I was currently doing.  I need someone to keep me on track! 

I was in the great city of Amarillo for a few days and my mom and I did tons I mean TONS of shopping.  I found lots of new items for my classroom of course I found jars at Big Lot that have fake fireflies in them but they light up and fly around!  I need to video them and show them to you because they are AWESOME.  They also have butterflies if your classroom has any of that. 

My mom and I hit up Goodwill and The Thrift Shop that benefits the blind look at these goodies:

I found 30 books!  The most I paid for a book out of this stack was 50 cents for a hardback all of the paperbacks were 30 cents!  I found 10 Junie B. Jones Books!  I would say I had a very successful Goodwill/Thrift Store experience.  I was amazed at all of the goodies I found.  I'm sure all of you experienced teachers have been there before and know about this little gem but for those of us newbies its definitely something to regularly look into :)

I was shopping at Kohls and I heard on the loud speaker that their Kohls Cares book was SKIPPYJON JONES!  I was so excited and then found out that each of these hardback books were five dollars (I was really excited since I bought a paperback one for 6.99 earlier that day needless to say that went back to the store).  You could also take home your very own SkippyJon for five bucks too how could I pass that up!?

I also went to a few used book stores and a Hastings where I found a few items but to me these were my best deals!  I think I consider the Kohl's one a good deal just because I LOVE SkippyJon Jones!!

On my LONG car ride home today I made some birthday certificates.  I am going to put them up on my birthday board by my desk so hopefully I will be better about remembering birthdays!  I was horrible about them last year...I think  I just had a lot on my plate!  I am putting a copy for you in my TPT Store just click the pic. below to grab yours!

I would like to end with a question this week.  Where do you find your "bargain books" for your class library?


  1. Hi!
    I've just awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Congrats!
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  2. Congratulations on the job!! I usually get my bargain books off of ebay or at goodwill. Thanks for the certificate!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. I love the Kohl's Skippyjon Jones! May have to pick him up! Thank you for the follow - I followed you back.