Sunday, July 1, 2012

Giveaway and Membership

Miss Sara at Miss Elementary is having a 100 follower giveway!  Help her celebrate by checking out her blog by clicking here

So I had been debating about doing this for a few days but I decided to do it because I think in the end it will pay for itself and I believe today is the last day to do it.

Melane at the Frog Spot has started a premium club membership for $150 a year, however for this weekend only it is $35 for a whole year!

You will receive a graphic or a graphic set every business day of the year!  How can you beat that?  I didn't think I could so I had to go and try it.  I know I will still be loyal to my other clip artists out there but I had to give this a shot and see what it was like.  So far it has been great I have received 2 sets, a digital paper and a frame.  The shape set is super duper cute!  Can't wait to use these in my classroom

Click here to go and check it out!

I have been so busy this summer making things but I can happily say that I am almost finished with the making just waiting on some fabulous clip art from the wonderful 3am teacher.  I haven't even had the chance to think about decorating things.  Right now it is all about laminating and going through things figuring out what I want to keep and what I don't.  I think the biggest struggle is what do they want me to keep and what is it okay if I don't. 

I'm having a hard time visualizing all of this coming together and I think that is my biggest struggle right now.  The outside of the 2nd grade hallway is going to be in fireworks and the inside of mine is owls and fireflies.  They decided to turn our doors into a firecracker.  Any suggestions that would make it look really cool??  I am not a decorator by any means.  I can think of ideas for it yes, but as far as executing it I'm not that great at it. 

I've also been thinking about a custom blog design.  I would like to do some pictures in my header because I am going with a new name and everything.  Does anyone have any suggestions on who could do my blog design?  I'm looking for one that is relatively inexpensive.  But I would like a button and a signature...I feel so left out ;)

Have a Fabulous Sunday!


  1. Thanks for telling us about this! I just bought one for myself! Thank you! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Christi at designbychristi, recently designed by blog. I am extremely happy about it!! Take a look at my blog.

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